Blair-Gordon Associates

Blair-Gordon Associates is the authorized distributor for Leeno Test Products in North America. We are located in Concord, California, and have a supporting office in Pennsylvania and Texas.

Leeno Industrial Inc.

Since 1978, Leeno Industrial has led the semiconductor test probe industry through innovation in technology and quality control.

Leeno Delivers..

  • NO NRE
  • 100% Quality tests on all probes ordered
  • Custom Designs welcomed with 48 hour turnaround time for designs
photo of thin probe

  • Fast delivery
  • Superior quality
  • Highest yield
  • Reasonable price

Leeno Products

Semiconductor test probes to 85 microns

Wafer-level chip scale probing SOC testing products

PB-free capable test probes

Final product test contacts:

  • Battery contactors
  • High current contactors to 75 amps
  • Switch probes
  • Custom designed probes
  • Pneumatic probes